Can’t you find the best zip, there are thousand of options online, but which is the best and why?

WAHSURE can understand any complex requirements and recommend you a best suited solution in a short time. It is based on several advantages of ours:

A 20-year-experiecnce Professional industrial facilities in China

Product with UL and CE certificate, apply for ROHS, REACH,PFOS etc.

In house testing lab for quick qualification of samples


Spend a lot of time trying to find a matched supplier? It’s a tough job for complex projects involving complicated, profession and technical expertise.

With WASHURE, you can get the same day quotes for our product already in our database. Or it will take only 1~2 working days for a custom solution.

Advanced production equipment, professional technical force, perfect quality testing instruction to provide you with more professional,perfect products.

R&D department can develop new products for your special request.


There're always exceptions happening in production, like burr, defects edge and bubble. With WAHSURE, you're relieved from these problems since we'll:

QC check production progress and quality regularly

Have daily management meeting with factory

Communicate with you to update status in time

Test samples in house and prepare immediate quality report


A lot of things would cause delay and impact your time to market, like manufacturing process finetuning or longer sample shipping.

You need a responsible and experienced service team for product process and status, to minimize risks. We can help you.

Everything will be under your control.



WAHSURE has bulit a database of our products, so most of your requirements can be mateched. If you want be our agent or any OEM, ODM request, our expert to prepare a propsal for you.

Cable Tie Series

Wire connectors Series

Cable Clips / Tie Mount Series


In House Testing Lab

In house testing is essencial for industrial product. Not only it can help control the quality, but also it could improve effeciency a lot.

WAHSURE has our own in-house testing laboratory.

In the lab, there are several professional machines to test tensile strength, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, high and low temperature tester, UV tester, flammability chambers and Xenon weathering chamber etc.

WAHSURE holds weekly meeting to discuss the quality problems happened and to find the solution for improvement. All that we have the ability to control quality well.


Whether you need to find zip ties or you have any zip ties related questions, please feel free to contact us. You're ensured to get satisfying recommendations regarding your requirements.