WAHSURE is a leading brand specialized in the cable management industry. For more than 20 years our company was dedicated to delivering the idea of safe andorganized cable management. This is the culture we want to spread all around the world. We provide cable ties, terminal blocks, nail clips, connectors, and other equipment needed for building a secure cable ecosystem. Our strict quality control and professional R&D team have secured our company stablegrowth and brought it to the international market with customers all around the world. Our management system is verified by IATF 16949, ISO 14001, and Iso 9001/2015certificates, and our products are certified by UL, CE, VDE, ROHS, REACH which allow us to meet all international quality standards.

Safety cable ties


We all know how much harm can cause a badly organized cabling system. we produce our products with an idea to ensure safe and stable work of the whole system.

WAHSURE Blue Electrical Wire End Connectors Ribbed Caps Bulk 1000 Pack Small Twist-on Wire Connectors Nuts 22-14 AWG,P2 Type Screw Terminals

H-quality cable ties


Quality is number one in the list of priorities ofour customers. Thus, it's the main priority for us. All our products pass through series of quality control certifications.



We never stop our development. Our R&D department always looks for more innovations and implements them into real life.


Brand of cable management equipment
People who want to build organized and safe cabling ecosystem
We are dedicated to change people's vision on proper cable management and want them
to use only great tools and materials for it.
The quality of our products is proven by international certificates and 20 years of experience